December 2, 2023

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A settlement has been reached against a former coroner who used his work truck and service weapon to pull over his neighbor.

Leroy Fulton was awarded $750,000 in losses and more than $167,000 in expenses.

Dashcam video taken nearly three years ago shows the moment where former Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet stopped Fulton, his neighbor.

The complaint was filed in October 2015 and states Fulton feels he would have been shot and killed if Summerville police had not shown up.

According to the Summerville police report, Nisbet says he saw Fulton point a gun at a repo man in front of Fulton’s home on North Palmetto Street when Fulton’s truck was being repossessed.

Authorities say Nisbet followed Fulton as he tried to leave the neighborhood.

Nisbet, who was in his county-owned truck with blue lights flashing, blocked Fulton in at Doty Park.

According to the report, when Nisbet got out of the truck, he pointed his gun at Fulton and ordered him to stay put.

Summerville police showed up and ordered Nisbet to drop his gun.

Police say no weapon was found on Fulton in his vehicle or the surrounding area.


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