December 10, 2023

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When Stupid Employees Steal

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SPOKANE, Wash. — A former employee at ClickIt Auto and RV is suspected of stealing three cars and multiple computers from the dealership, according to court documents.

The general manager, Brad Walth, told KREM 2 that sometime on the night of Sunday, March 17, a silver 2010 Dodge Ram pickup 3500 SLT, a black 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and a Black 2001 Porsche Boxster S were all taken from the dealership in North Spokane. In addition, 13 sets of keys to other cars on the lot and three computers were taken.

According to a search warrant, Walth told police that one week before the burglary, former employee Mike Moro called the dealership “asking about getting a good deal on a car because his car had been repossessed.”

Walth told police he thought it was odd that Moro called, because Moro had been fired from ClickIt for stealing cars from the business.

By Monday evening, the dealership was offering a $2,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest or the return of the stolen property.

According to documents, detectives received two video clips from a nearby business on the evening of March 17. The video showed a dark sedan approach ClickIt by the adjacent espresso stand at 6:53 p.m. The sedan left the area at 7:01 p.m., documents said.

Two days after the burglary, court documents said a Porsche Boxter was recovered in Spokane with the keys locked inside.

Forensic experts were able to locate fingerprints inside the car. According to court documents, the fingerprints belonged to Moro.

Police received a tip from one of Moro’s family members who saw media reports about the car and computer thefts.

The family member said Moro called them for help getting into four computers so he could sell the computers, according to documents. The tipster took photos of the computers and sent them to police, documents said.

Detectives took the photos of the computers to the IT specialist at ClickIt. Documents said after seeing the pictures, the IT specialist said the computers “look very much like the type of towers and monitors that were stolen.”

Documents said Moro was also a suspect in other cases in 2018 where cars were stolen from dealerships.

On July 10, 2018, court documents said a 2010 Dodge Charger was stolen from TK Auto Sales in Spokane Valley. When the car was recovered nine days later, documents said Moro was listed as a suspect. According to a report, the manager of TK Auto Sales named Moro as a suspect because he was the last person to drive the Charger and the keys went missing. Moro was fired three days before the car went missing, documents said.

In Sept. 2018, multiple cars were stolen from ClickIt. According to documents, Preston Kahanu was arrested for possession of stolen motor vehicle and trafficking in stolen property. Documents said Kahanu admitted to receiving a stolen 2017 Chrysler 300 from Moro, who he knew to be employed as a salesman at ClickIt.

According to documents, a 2013 Ford Flex was also stolen and the dealership keys for the vehicle were missing. Managers named Moro as a suspect in both thefts. Moro was then fired, documents said.

Documents said Kahanu admitted to getting the stolen Ford Flex from Moro and being told to “ditch it.”

Court documents said Washington Department of Licensing records for Moro’s father showed a 2006 black Pontiac G6. During surveillance of Moro, detectives said they saw Moro driving the same G6, documents said.

On March 21, Moro was pulled over and detectives searched the same G6, documents said. Detectives did not find any computers or keys but found three cell phones, according to documents.

Police have since filed a search warrant to look into the content of two of those phones.

Detectives asked Moro if he could answer a few questions.

According to documents, Moro said, “My lawyer would probably tell me not to, but I will talk you guys.”

Moro said he had nothing to do with the burglary and theft at ClickIt and told detectives there were no computers at his home, according to court documents. He also denied being in possession of the Porsche that was recovered.

Detectives searched Moro’s home where they didn’t find any of the stolen computer equipment.

Documents said detectives found that the photos the tipster had sent them were taken inside Moro’s bedroom. Detectives said the carpet, walls, molding and furniture “clearly matched.”

As police were leaving Moro’s home, a neighbor approached them and asked it they were looking for some computers. According to documents he said on March 18, he saw Moro loading computer equipment into the trunk of his car.

Moro has not been arrested in connection to the burglary at ClickIt.

Moro has 18 felony convictions for taking a motor vehicle without permission, burglary, theft, possession of stolen property,  trafficking stolen property, forgery, riot with a deadly weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance.

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