February 23, 2024

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Dude, That’s Not Your Car

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A woman who thought her car had been stolen learned later that someone repossessed the wrong car.

Officers were called after the woman came home from work Tuesday to find her car missing from her home on Forest Park Place.

The woman said she had been in an accident a couple of weeks ago and that her 2014 Ford Fusion had substantial damage to the front fender, hood and windshield. She had been talking with an insurance adjuster and at first thought maybe the insurance company towed her car.

The woman told police she is current on her payments and had the keys to the car.

The woman’s car was identifiable by the crash damage and Tinker Bell sticker on the back that said “If you are going to ride my a** at least pull my hair,” and a gun rights sticker on the passenger door, the report stated.

The woman was then contacted by a repossession company, telling her that her car had inadvertently been repossessed, the report stated.

The company told Boardman police that an employee came to Frost Park to repossess a Ford Fusion and took the wrong one. The company believed that the employee did not check the VIN number to ensure he had the right vehicle, the report stated.

The woman’s car was returned to her.


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