April 13, 2024

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Look Before You Hook (Video)

We have watched this several times and we are convinced that this was an attempted repossession and when the agent pulled around the corner to strap it down, realized he had the wrong unit and just left it. You be the judge.

“Couldn’t believe someone would actually steal a mini-van,” said Jared Bagby.

Cameras were recording as a troublesome tow truck rolled down Atlanta’s Weyman Avenue Thursday night around 10:30 on the hunt for a big haul.

Bagby is the van’s owner. He says it took the tow truck driver just a matter of minutes to strap the van in and slowly drive the vehicle away.

Days later Bagby is still trying to figure out why his 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid was targeted and taken right from his driveway only to be dumped a block away. He says his car is up to date on payments, so he is not sure why it was targeted.

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