December 10, 2023

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Oklahoma Police Chief Arrested For Repossession Bribes

Feb. 23—The District Attorney’s Office confirmed this afternoon that Hulbert’s former police chief has been arrested and charged with accepting bribes Tuesday afternoon.

According to the affidavit, Pete Broderick informed then Undersheriff Jason Chennault that he was trying to locate a repossessed vehicle, and met with Rowe.

“During that encounter, Rowe solicited a ‘finders fee’ payment from the ‘confidential human source’ for Rowe’s assistance,” the document stated. “Rowe escorted CHS to a local automated teller machine, where CHS obtained $100 and paid $100 to Rowe.”

Broderick believed the payment was illegal and recorded the incident. Chennault referred the report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Broderick and the FBI conducted a recorded operation during which he met with Rowe in May 2018. Broderick paid Rowe $100 for the help in locating and repossessing a truck in Hulbert. In June 2018, Broderick and the FBI conducted another recorded operation in which Broderick paid Rowe $75 as a “finder’s fee” for help in finding and repossessing a vehicle in Hulbert.

DA investigator Vicky Lyons said that based on the probe, she believed probable cause existed that violation of Oklahoma Statute Title 21, Chapter 10 Bribery and Corruption, Section 382 Officers Receiving Bribes, had occurred.

District Attorney Jack Thorp charged Rowe with two counts of officer accepting a bribe, which is a felony. Rowe was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to documents, bond was set at $5,000, and Rowe had not posted the money as of late Tuesday afternoon.

Rowe had been suspended from his duties as police chief in December after the OSBI began investigating him.

A protective order filed against Rowe was dismissed after the plaintiff claimed his attorney intimidated her. According to that minute order of the hearing, the victim requested the emergency protective order be dismissed, and said she feared nude photographs of her would be published online. The woman said Rowe’s attorney, Janet Bickel, had intimidated her.

Rowe was terminated during a Feb. 11 meeting, and Assistant Police Chief Carl Smith was sworn in Tuesday afternoon.


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