April 13, 2024

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RO Pulls Gun On Agents, Sics Dog on Officers

(WBOY) HACKER VALLEY, W.Va. — A Webster County man has received multiple charges stemming from two separate, but connected incidents in Hacker Valley.

On June 23, troopers with the Webster County detachment of the West Virginia State Police responded to a call in reference to a man “assaulting and threatening to shoot” two victims on Cleveland Road in Hacker Valley, according to a complaint.

Offender Picture
Camden Williams

Troopers were told that the two individuals arrived at 42 -year-old Camden Williams’ home and they “had a document to take possession of a 2017 Chevy Cruze,” troopers said.

When no one answered the door at the residence, the two victims went to the car, at which point Williams “came outside in a very aggressive manner,” at which point the victims showed Williams the document to repossess the vehicle, according to the complaint.

At that time, Williams did “then charge and strike [a victim] in the head with a closed fist,” after which the victim “fell down the hill and dropped his cell phone,” troopers said.

The other victim then advised Williams to get away, and then “threw a red and white lunch pale at Williams in self defense,” because Williams had “pulled back his arm in an attempt to punch her,” according to the complaint.

After that, Williams went “to get a gun to kill [the victims],” however, the victims got into their car and attempted to leave the area; Williams “had a black barreled rifle and point it toward the individuals tried to leave,” troopers said.

When troopers arrived, they could neither locate Williams nor the vehicle which was attempting to be repossessed by the victims, and after speaking with Williams’ father, he told troopers that “his was son was not in the right mind and was possibly on drugs,” and that Williams “threatened to kill his own mother,” according to the complaint.

On July 18, troopers responded to a different residence on Cleveland Road with a warrant for Williams’ arrest, according to a criminal complaint.

A deputy with the Webster County Sheriff’s Department “visually observed Williams and instructed him not to go into the residence,” however, Williams “went inside the residence and came out after [the deputy] gave several loud and clear commands” for him to come out, troopers said.

After troopers placed Williams into custody, troopers “received verbal consent to search the residence,” at which point Williams “became very hostile and broke away” from deputies in an attempt to flee from the area, according to the complaint.

While fleeing, Williams “instructed his dog to bite [the deputy] several times” and “for the dog to assault [the deputy],” before Williams was able to be brought under control, troopers said.

Williams has been charged with battery, brandishing a deadly weapon, grand larceny, petit larceny, obstructing an officer, assault on a police officer, escape and two counts of assault. Williams is being held in Central Regional Jail on $10,000 bond.


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