May 21, 2024

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Professionals Only: The Murdered Lender

Mieisha Rashae Robinson

A Huntsville police Investigator testified in court Wednesday that cell phone video captures the minutes leading up to a Huntsville man being shot and killed in May.

Police said Kevin Fouse, 27, sold a car to Miesha Robinson, 22, and her girlfriend prior to the dispute in the Highland Apartments parking lot.

The investigator said on the stand Fouse showed up at the apartment with his girlfriend and an 8-year-old child to collect the remaining money due on the car or to repossess the car he had previously sold the couple.

The investigator said officers arrived at the apartment complex on Executive Drive after the shooting happened. Officers said Robinson told them she shot Fouse with the gun that was in her pocket.

The investigator testified in court that Robinson’s girlfriend was recording the interaction with Fouse. The investigator said in the video they saw the victim and suspect exchanging words about who owned the car.

Police also said Robinson antagonized the victim to hit her. At one point both suspects and their significant others were making threats against each other, according to investigators.

The investigator said the video shows Robinson move closer to Fouse and put her hand into her left pocket and pull out a gun. The video then shows Robinson put the gun to Fouse’s head, according to investigators.

The investigator said Robinson’s girlfriend covers the video camera, so the next part can’t be seen. However, investigators learned from the witnesses she stepped back and when Fouse tried to take the gun from Robinson she shot him between the eyes killing him.

The investigator said you can hear the gunshot but can’t see it. After the first gunshot, investigators said Robinson fired the gun again. The second time she hit the victim’s girlfriend’s pinky finger and grazed the back of the girlfriend’s head. However, all that is heard is the gunshots followed by screaming.

Robinson told investigators on the scene she had a permit to carry her gun, according to testimony. She also told investigators she feared for her life and shot the gun in self-defense.

However, investigators said the second shot was fired as Fouse’s girlfriend was running away from the dispute.

The judge asked the investigator if any charges were filed for the second shot that hit Fouse’s girlfriend. The investigator said an assault report was written, but Robinson has not yet been charged.

The judge found probable cause and the case was sent the grand jury. Robinson returned to the Madison County Jail following the hearing.


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