November 30, 2023

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A Direct Question To Repossession Brokers (Forwarders)

To All Repossession Brokers,

As providers of repossession services, we demand to know what policies and procedures you have in place for reporting and relaying violent confrontations during repossession attempts, by registered owner(s) against the recovery agent, to the new agency should that account be reassigned? What policies and procedures do you have in place for the notifying the lien-holder upon such action from their customers?

With the ever present and inherent risks involved during collateral recovery, it is imperative that the recovery agent be aware of any past incidents where the registered owner displayed violent action and behavior and we demand to know what policies and procedures your company has in place in the event of such occurrences.

We are aware that most forwarding brokers read Repo Buzz, as we have spoke with many of you. Please send your responses to Forwarders@Repo.Buzz and we will publish your responses here. If we do not receive your response, we will assume that you have no such policies or procedures in place regarding recovery agent safety in the field. Your clients, who also read Repo Buzz, have a right to know this information as well.



David J. Branch

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