December 6, 2023

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Florida LEO, Attorney Wife Arrested For Stealing Car Off Lot

Riviera Beach police officer Marvin Williams and his wife, attorney Gloria Floyd-Williams were arrested Wednesday on grand theft auto and burglary charges after deputies said they took Floyd-Williams’ car illegally from a repossession lot.

According to the arrest report, surveillance video shows Floyd-Williams entering the lot, getting into her car and then driving back through the gate, hitting a parked car in the process; the video shows her husband letting her through the gate, closing it, and then fleeing.

“Floyd-Williams did not have the authority nor permission to enter the fenced compound of ATR, had not signed the proper paperwork or paid any fees due for the vehicle to be redeemed,” the report said.

Floyd-Williams and Williams came back later and told deputies they had gotten a release from the bank and the manager refused to release her car so she took it, but deputies said there was probable cause for the charges.

According to the Florida Bar website Floyd-Williams works at the Office of Civil Regional Council in Stuart. Reached by telephone she said the tow company was trying to hold her car illegally after she provided documentation showing it was supposed to be released.

Her lawyer said the tow company was in the wrong.

“The charges will be dropped, that’s the word I got. And I’m going after the tow company for the information they gave the police officers,” Arnold Gaines said.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office said they are moving forward with the case and have no knowledge of the charges being dropped.

The following statement has been released by Interim Chief of Riviera Beach Police Spencer Rozier.

“The department was made aware of circumstances that led to the arrest of city Police Officer Marvin Williams in Fort Pierce, Florida on September 25, 2019”

“Consistent with department policy, Williams was relieved of all law enforcement duties effective September 26, 2019. He is on Paid Administrative Leave pending the outcome of Criminal Proceedings and an Internal Affairs Investigation.”


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