December 6, 2023

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MB Urban Guard System Alerts RO To Towing

To be deployed at first on the new E-Class once it hits the market, Urban Guard will then expand to other vehicles in the Germans’ stables, and some of its features will also be available to download and activate on cars that have already rolled off assembly lines.

But what is Urban Guard?

According to Mercedes-Benz, it is the “Intelligent interlinking of hardware and digital solutions for protection against crime.” That means a series of sensors and programs working together with a mobile app (in this case Mercedes me) to detect and inform the owner about whatever shady things take place in or around the car.

Urban Guard offers all-round monitoring of the vehicle once its parked. If it detects someone is trying to break-in, or driving away with the car, or trying to tow it away, the driver is notified on his smartphone.

There will be two versions of the Urban Guard available for Mercedes customers: Vehicle Protection and Vehicle Protection Plus. The former comprises an anti-theft alarm system, tow-away protection, alarm siren, interior monitoring, and parking collision detection. The latter adds to all that vehicle tracking in case of theft.

The alarm system works like all others of its kind, and is triggered once the car detects someone is trying to break in. The tow protection kicks in once a change in the car’s position is detected, and issues visual and audio warnings.

In the case of interior monitoring, the alarm triggers once motion is detected in the parked and armed vehicle.

The tracking feature offered on the Plus allows locating the car after it was stolen, even if the thief manages somehow to deactivate the car’s tracking function.


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