December 2, 2023

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Pro Skip Tricks With Niki From Delvepoint

The #1 Way to Find Relatives and Associates

RepoBuzz recently polled its members to find out how important it is to have information about their
target’s relatives and associates. The results were overwhelming – every single person said “Very
Important,” the highest level designated. No doubt, this will not be a surprise to you. You know your
targets stash vehicles at relatives’ and friends’ houses…making it the perfect place for you to look.

What’s the easiest way to find this information about relationships? The Contact Card Report.
This report not only gives you your subject’s alternate contact information, aliases, and bankruptcy
filings, but it also shows you info on relatives, associates and co-workers. More specifically, it identifies
the type of relatives, including spouse, mother, father, sibling, associate, etc.

If you are a current Delvepoint customer, give it a try on your next investigation and feel free to reach
out to us if you need any assistance.
Not a customer yet, but want to check it out? We have a special RepoBuzz discount for new and
returning clients. Just put REPOBUZZ2020 in the application at for 100 free
credits and a two-week trial.

Here’s an added bonus for all our reports – they can be fully customized and saved indefinitely:

 Drag and drop the results so the info you need most is at the top.
 Select which results you do and do not want in your report. If you don’t need info about second-
and third-degree relatives or neighbors, take it out with one click.
 View in Regular, Alternate and Classic view.
 Export in many different file types, including Word, Excel and PDF. Bonus – the export retains
changes to the order of the fields and selected data.
 All reports are saved automatically for 90 days, but easily add them to your Vault to save them
indefinitely. This is all free-of-charge.

For more information about Delvepoint, visit, email, or call (866) 945-1667.

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