April 13, 2024

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Tesla’s FSD Gives New Meaning To Self Help Repossession

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system is still in the Beta testing phase. The current version of Tesla’s FSD Beta is not fully autonomous yet, but the FSD has already been put to the test when a Model X drove itself from its owner’s home to a service center with zero interventions. According to the owner, his Model X, which was running FSD beta 8.1 (2020.48.35.1), had a service appointment. He wanted to see if the FSD beta could handle a drive from a residential area to the Tesla service center.

As you can see in the video below, the Model X handled the task without any driver intervention. This leads me to think of the future of the repossession industry, with visions of  current repossession lots being turned into secure way-stations for delinquent autonomous vehicles. Condition reports will still need to be completed, personal property inventoried and stored, and of course many will still need to be towed, but how the units arrive at your lot will certainly be changing as more manufacturers go all electric and advancements in programming, such as the FSD, get perfected.

As an old repossessor who began before the introduction of the self loader, I have seen all too well how advances in technology have changed the face of collateral recovery. The one constant over the years of progression has been that the early bird always gets the worm. Those who can envision the future of technological advancements within the industry, should not overlook the potential impact of the effects of technology such as Tesla’s FSD and begin outlining plans to integrate your business model for the future and the possibilities such advancements bring.

Dave Branch


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