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Miami Agent Arrested On BK Repo (Video)

Local10-MIAMI – A 17-year-old girl was in her car terrified when a tow truck driver illegally lifted the Audi, her mother said. Moments later, the tow truck driver was arrested, his tow truck was towed and he was an Only In Dade headline.

Ani Rodriguez, the girl’s mother, said this was all thanks to the video witnesses recorded. According to Officer Michael Vega, a spokesman for the Miami Police Department, officers arrested the tow truck driver on Friday night at 4141 NW 5th Ave., west of Miami’s Design District.

“The car was being repossessed supposedly for non-payment, but I filed for bankruptcy so that was a mistake on Audi financial’s part, per my attorney,” Rodriguez said, adding that during the mayhem, her daughter “started backing up and crashed into a car and he still hooked her and lifted her.”

With the automatic stay of the bankruptcy in effect, creditors — including the repo company — do not have the legal right to take any property, Rodriguez said in a statement.

“When police arrived, he [the tow truck driver] lied and said he was towing the other car,” Rodriguez said.” Had it not been for the footage, they would have let him go.”

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