November 30, 2023

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NC Mom’s Epic Repo Rebound

Britney Boone, 26, started using the meet-ups sites after childcare costs left her feeling cash-strapped. She has since raked in $4,000 (£3,040) since she started charging for dates


A single North Carolina Mother has turned her experiences on the dating website,, in to way to make ends meet and also recover from a vehicle repossession. Britney Boone, 26,  found herself in financial dire straits after having her daughter 18 months ago – but has raked in a fortune since she started charging for dates.  She claims she has made more than $13,198 by charging wealthy married men to date her. And she insists she is not escorting as she does not get paid for sex. When a friend told her about dating site where affluent suitors bid generously for the chance to go on a first date with attractive singletons, it seemed like an ideal solution.

Britney pictured at home. The mother of one insists what she is doing is 'completely different' to escorting, and says she has only had sex with one of the suitors

Well, once. That paid date is the Father of her only child. Having previously dabbled in sugar daddy websites, making around $9,000 in three years, she earned an additional $4,000 after having her daughter so it seems she was in financial trouble before her child.

Recently, Ms. Boone’s vehicle was repossessed and after calling one of her paid dates, he gave her the cash to buy a new one. She claims to have received trips to Dubai, Cartier bracelets and shopping sprees.

She added: ‘There is the odd man that is only after one thing, but you get that anywhere. Mostly, the men are mature, career-driven and well-rounded.

‘They’ve even given me career and business advice and let me pick their brains for sales tips, as a lot of them work in that world.’

Britney claims the men she dates, whom she calls 'mentors', give her advice on her career and business, and are often 'mature, career-driven and well-rounded

While I feel pain for her loss of dignity, Kudos to the young Mother for her doing what it takes.

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