December 2, 2023

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Illinois Association Begins Rejecting Accounts With No Storage Fees

PRESS RELEASE Jan. 03, 2023

On November 14th the Alliance of Illinois Repossessors issued a press release stating that on January 2nd
2023 , their members, would start rejecting cases that do not provide a daily storage rate to be invoiced
to help offset the escalating cost recovery companies accrue to safely store their units on their storage
facilities in Illinois . Over the last thirty days A.I.R has meet with several lien holders and forwarders to
discuss this issue. A.I.R presented comparable factual data reflecting each lien holders average time on
lot and the cost agencies accrued to store these units. While many of the discussions have been
productive and continue, several have shown no concern to A.I.R members request.

A.I.R members have used this data provided to them to compile a list of clients’ their companies will no
longer be accepting cases from. As of this press release, A.I.R members, have reported four large lenders
and one forwarder they will not be accepting cases from till further notice. As A.I.R members analysis
2022 figures, A.I.R expects this list to grow from its members in the next couple weeks

The Alliance of Illinois Repossessors is a gathering of Repossession companies that will unite for the
progression of the repossession industry within our state. AIR is composed of licensed members
operating repossession agencies with the State of Illinois. The purpose of this Association is to
strengthen understanding between licensed Repossessors, law enforcement, financial institutions,
regulatory agencies, and the consumer.

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