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An Idaho Falls man was arrested Sunday after he hit a man attempting to repossess his brother’scar.

Casey Harris Wheeless, 54, was arraigned Monday in Bonneville County Courthouse for an aggravated battery charge. According to court records, Wheeless told Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office deputies his wife woke him up after she saw two men near the his brother’s Chevrolet Tahoe.

Wheeless said he thought someone was trying to steal the car. The two men had arrived to repossess the car and were hooking it up to their own vehicle when Wheeless came out of the house yelling at them.

One of the men told police that he does not repossess vehicles when someone is acting aggressive. The victims tried to tell Wheeless they were leaving when he entered the Tahoe, and used it to ram their car.

One of the men recorded with a cellphone while Wheeless then drove the car toward the victim, knocking him into a stack of wood.

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