December 6, 2023

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A viral story posted to the Shade Room has people not only doubled over in laughter, but also reconsidering taking a usually flirty call from a stranger.

In the anonymous Facebook post, the witness described how their coworker was finessed by a repossession company. It all began when the two were at work and the man in the story received a strange call from a woman claiming to be his ex.

“Some girl called my coworker sayin she miss him and wanna see him and this n—a aint even kno who she was but he was all cheesin and flirtin with her anyway,” the person wrote.

Then the situation took a turn when the woman asked the man where he was located.

“She asked where he was and he said ‘at work’ and she said ‘oooh you mean at (says my job’s address)’ and he was like ‘hell yeah but who is this? how you know me?'”

Then the woman hung up the phone and did not call back. Shortly after the conversation ended, a company came and repossessed the man’s car.

“THATS who called him! This n—a so mad,” the person wrote, “He thought he was about to cheat on his girl and now he gotta call her to come get him.”

Needless to say, people in the comments section couldn’t help but crack jokes.

“Toyota Financial just hired a fresh college graduate! Debt collection finna be a breeze!” commented @plato_15.

“When somebody says the whole damn address you better realize lol,” wrote @tabienpueee.

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