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A 35th District Court jury convicted Lynn Isbell of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon Wednesday, then spent a a day and a half hearing about his violent past, his association with the Ayran Brotherhood of Texas and his previous convictions.
Late Thursday afternoon, jurors sentenced Isbell to life in prison.
Isbell — whose taut, agitated behavior while seated next to his lawyer had prompted courthouse deputies to sit or stand close by — shook his head but said nothing as Brown County Court-at-Law Judge Sam Moss read the jury’s sentence.
Earlier Thursday, Moss directed an argumentative Isbell to stop pointing at him as Isbell testified and answered questions from his lawyer, Tommy Adams of Brownwood. Moss also found Isbell in contempt of court after Isbell refused to answer prosecutor Elisha Bird’s questions on cross-examination.
Isbell, 36, stood trial for pulling a gun on an Abilene repo man who arrived at his property in northern Brown County in November 2015 to repossess a car.
After the guilty conviction, deputies arrived at the courthouse Wednesday afternoon pushing a shopping cart filled with more than a dozen firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, body armor and components of a meth lab. Deputies seized those items when they executed a search warrant at the property where Isbell lived with his wife and children in December 2015.

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