February 23, 2024

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Jail For Man Who Wrote Fake Repossession Company Checks

A New Hampshire man caught trying to cash a check from a company he didn’t work for was sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty to multiple offenses late last month in Newburyport District Court.

Ryan Albright, 28, of Manchester, N.H. saw all but 60 days of his sentence suspended for two years while on probation. He was also given credit for 60 days already served. While on probation, Albright must remain drug and alcohol free with random screens, and enter and complete a drug treatment program.

On March 17, he was arraigned in the same courthouse on attempted larceny, uttering a false check, receiving stolen property over $1,200 and cocaine possession charges, and ordered held on $3,000 cash bail. He pleaded guilty to the charges on May 25, according to court records.

Merrimac police Officer William David Jr. responded to North Shore Bank on March 16 after being told that a man had tried to cash a stolen check for more than $4,000 at the West Main Street bank. David also received word that someone had also tried to cash a stolen check at the bank’s Newton, N.H. branch.

The local branch manager told police that he received a call from its New Hampshire branch warning him that someone had tried to cash a check from the repossession company.

Albright was at the bank when David arrived and told the officer that he worked for a New Hampshire-based repossession company and was merely cashing his paycheck. However, another Merrimac police officer called the company and was told by the owner that Albright was not employed there.

The company owner told David that he had a check missing and sent a photo of what his checks look like to the officer. David compared the photo to the check Albright tried to cash and determined they were not the same.

David then went back to Albright and placed him under arrest. During the booking process, police found a small baggie containing cocaine among his belongings. David later learned that the person who attempted to cash a false check for $3,971 at the Newton, N.H. branch was different than Albright, according to the officer’s report.

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