December 1, 2023

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WANTED – Houston ‘Agent’ Uses Wrecker During Kidnapping

Tyler Clark is currently wanted by law enforcement for Aggravated Kidnapping. He received No Bond out of the 337th District Court.

HOUSTON – A man is wanted for the kidnapping and assault of his girlfriend on Oct. 15 after an argument in northwest Harris County, according to deputies with Constable Mark Herman’s Office.

Tyler Douglas Clark has been charged with aggravated kidnapping.

The assault happened in a wooded area off a feeder road near Grand Oaks High School.

According to charging documents, the couple got into an argument at a business in Tomball after he told the woman to drink alcohol and that she “look like a whore” for wearing a crop top at an event. The woman said she left in her own vehicle to a family member’s home to talk about breaking up with Clark. She told investigators that Clark kept calling her phone and threatened that if she did not pick up within the next two minutes, he would “burn everything.”

Charging documents state that Clark drove to the family member’s home in his tow truck, with the business name of “Texas Regulators” on the door, and attempted to tow her vehicle. The woman was reportedly sitting in the driver’s seat when her vehicle was being towed by Clark.

Investigators were told Clark pulled the woman out of her vehicle and threw her inside his tow truck. He hopped into the driver side and drove off as she yelled for him to let her go. Investigators said Clark told her that he wanted “an old lady” to obey him and that was going to be the last time she was going to disrespect him. When the woman asked Clark he meant by that statement, he said, “I’m going to kill you b****.” When the woman tried to call for help, he grabbed her cellphone and started punching her in the face and body and pulled her hair.

According to charging documents, Clark then grabbed a lock out knife, which is a wrecker tool, and started to cut the victim’s hair. He told her that if she didn’t stop screaming that he was going to cut her throat and then reached behind the driver’s seat to pull out an “L bar.” He reportedly struck her with the metal tool in the head, arms, hands and legs several times as she started to go in and out of consciousness. She told investigators that he grabbed her, placed her on his lap and started to bite her multiple times across her back and legs.

Documents state, when Clark stopped at a red light, the woman struck him in the face with her knee, jumped out of the truck and ran to an area of tall grass. She hid by laying down until she saw another truck driving towards her. She was able to flag the driver down for help. The victim was then transported to St. Luke’s Lakeside Hospital.

The victim was able to show investigators video of Clark dropping off her vehicle at their shared residence, to which she was told by family the brake lines were cut, according to documents.

Investigators said they obtained text messages that Clark sent to the woman, stating that he was sorry and “I guess I blacked out!!!”

Charges were filed but Clark remains on the run.

If anyone has information on his whereabouts, please call Constable Mark Herman’s dispatch or local law enforcement.


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