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Armed Ohio Confrontation Plays Out Properly

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A 73-year-old Brook Park man, carrying a semiautomatic handgun, confronted a man repossessing his son’s Jeep because he thought the repo driver was stealing the vehicle.

It happened at about 6:40 a.m. Oct. 18. The repo driver said the resident pointed the handgun at him and started screaming. The repo driver told the man he was repossessing the Jeep, not stealing it. He then drove away with the Jeep without further incident.

The father said he had heard a noise in his driveway, so he grabbed his handgun and walked outside. He said once the repo driver showed him the repossession order, he let him go. He said he kept his handgun in his holster at all times and did not point the weapon at the driver.

A prosecutor chose not to file charges.

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