February 23, 2024

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Quantity Vs Quality – Killing What Profit That’s Left

I have long witnessed a concern that, if left unaddressed, has the potential to compromise the quality and sustainability of the collateral recovery market: the persistent downward pressure on repossession fees. While the temptation to lower prices in response to market competition may seem expedient, it is crucial to consider the broader impact, particularly the implications for the caliber of recovery agents drawn to lower rates and the subsequent impact on service quality.

In our line of work, the professionalism and expertise of our agents are non-negotiable. Lowering fees often results in attracting less qualified individuals who may lack the experience and skills necessary for the demanding nature of repossession work. Maintaining reasonable fees ensures that we can continue to attract and retain highly qualified agents who uphold the highest professional standards, thereby safeguarding the reputation of our businesses.

A reduction in fees inevitably forces agents to cut corners to meet stringent budgets. This compromises the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations, potentially leading to errors and subpar results. By maintaining competitive but reasonable fees, we provide our agents with the resources needed to execute repossessions with precision, without resorting to shortcuts that may compromise the integrity of our services.

Our industry thrives on expertise, which is cultivated through ongoing training and professional development. Lower fees limit our ability to invest in the continuous education of our agents, hindering their growth and proficiency. A commitment to reasonable fees allows us to allocate resources to training programs, ensuring that our team remains at the forefront of industry best practices and advancements.

Experienced agents, vital to the success of our operations, are more likely to seek fair compensation for their skills. Constantly reducing fees jeopardizes our ability to retain industry veterans, as they may seek better opportunities elsewhere. By maintaining reasonable fees, we acknowledge the value of experience and expertise, fostering an environment that encourages seasoned professionals to stay and contribute to the success of our businesses.

Our clients place trust in our ability to handle their repossession needs with integrity and efficiency. Lower fees may attract agents who are willing to compromise on these principles to survive financially. By adhering to competitive yet fair pricing, we signal to clients that we prioritize quality over cost, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining a positive industry reputation.

The decision to resist the continuous lowering of fees is not only about preserving our individual businesses but also about upholding the standards of our entire industry. By prioritizing professionalism, avoiding corner-cutting practices, investing in development, retaining seasoned agents, and nurturing a positive industry reputation, we can collectively ensure the sustained success and excellence of repossession services.

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Dave Branch

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