April 13, 2024

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Agency Of The Month – All Out Auto Recovery

This month’s Agency Spotlight shines on All Out Auto Recovery, LLC. (httpss:// based in Shepherdsville, Kentucky and operated by Derrick and Sarah Monroe. Like so many collateral recovery agencies, they are a true example of a Mom & Pop small business. I looked back in my files and the first contact I have with the Monroe’s was in 2015 and I realized, they could also be one of the most improved start -ups I have seen in some time. I asked Sarah to write me a few paragraphs about their start and progress for notes for myself as I write this, but she said it better than I possibly could:

In February 2015 we, Derrick and Sarah, decided to start our own repossession company. Derrick had been in the repossession industry for over 8 years. Two of those years were spent working for one of the nations largest repossession companies. At that time we had a six year old son who we wanted to build something he could take over when he was older.¬† We knew we could provide exceptional service, professionalism and commitment to our clients that our area was lacking. When we started we worked with just a couple forwarders. By May 2016 we bought our first set of DRN cameras. We were one of very few companies in our area to run them. Becoming a provider with DRN provided us the opprotunity to sign up with some forwarders that wouldn’t even speak to us much less assign us any work. From the time we started our business we always had older tow trucks that we were constantly working on just trying to get by. If you had asked us then if we would ever get to own a brand new tow truck the answer would have been no. In 2018 we welcomed our second son and in the four months that followed signed up with three of our largest clients.
Our business grew amazingly fast. We went from a company who had 30-50 open order to having 250 open orders in June 2018. In 2018 we started attending industry events such as agent events for forwarders and Allied Finance Adjusters Conference. We met and made friends with so many people in our industry who had no idea who we were before hand. Going to these events was a major turning point in our business as well because now we had friends in this industry who we could call anytime for advice.
In August 2018 we bought our first brand new tow truck. Something we never thought would even be possible. And then by October we needed another one and were able to purchase our second brand new tow truck. And in 2019 we were able to purchase our first brand new camera car. We are now the largest LPR provider in the state of Kentucky. Each year our company has grown leaps and bounds. But it wouldn’t be possible without hard work and dedication. There have been plenty of times we weren’t sure how we were going to make it through but it has always worked out. Now we have a blossoming business with 8 employees. The long hours and nights have been so well worth it.

Congratulations to Derrick and Sarah and the entire team at All Out. Keep up the hard work and we look forward to watching your continued growth as a solid recovery agency within the industry.

Dave Branch

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