November 30, 2023

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2021 Super Duty Recall – Front Wheels May Fall Off

(Autoblog) Ford is recalling 17,616 F-Series Super Duty vehicles because there’s a chance the tire and wheel assembly will detach from the front axle. The specific vehicles included are all equipped with the front-wheel hub extenders and dual rear wheels.

Owners of these 2021 models should be on the lookout for a recall notification from Ford: F-350, F-450, F-550 and F-600. Ford says that owners of the affected vehicles are being instructed to not drive their vehicles for the time being. The problem stems from improper torquing of the front wheel hub extender nuts. Here’s how Ford describes it.

“Due to a supplier process error, the automated torque station for tightening and verifying the torque of the nuts joining the front wheel hub extender to the rotor may have been bypassed at the supplier axle assembly facility. The nuts connecting the front wheel hub extender to the rotor may not have been tightened to specification.”.

Ford says that you might notice “vibration and noise while driving” as the nuts come loose. The owner notification letters are expected to be mailed out by today, June 14. Dealers will inspect the nuts on both sides and tighten them to the correct specification if they’re not already.

There are currently two owner reports of a front wheel detaching while the truck is in motion. However, no injuries or accidents are currently associated with this issue. If you own one of these vehicles, do be careful until the recall work can be done. Per usual with recalls, there will be no charge for the service.


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