Dear In The Ditch X-Series™ Dolly owner,
Thank you for purchasing an In The Ditch X-Series™ Dolly. In The Ditch is committed to customer satisfaction, and providing world-class products for towing professionals. In The Ditch Towing Products has issued Service Bulletin ITD0726, as we believe in being proactive when an issue has been identified which may indicate that In The Ditch Towing Products standards for our products may not have been met.

The Reason for this Communication:
There is a potential that some welds may not be within specifications on the X-Series™ Dolly Platform. Note that X-Series™ XD Dollies are not affected.

What you should do:
1. Follow the inspection guidelines located below.
2. If you do not want to inspect the dolly, please contact In The Ditch, and we will arrange for an alternative method of inspection for you.

When you should perform this inspection:
• Inspection should be completed immediately. (Do not use your In The Ditch X-Series™ Dolly until inspection is completed.) (See Affected Models.)

Replacement Procedures:
• If you have a suspect X-Series™ Dolly Platform, In The Ditch will send you a free replacement X-Series™ Dolly Platform at no cost to you if initiated prior to 12-1-2019.

• To get a replacement X-Series™ Dolly Platform, please contact In The Ditch directly by calling: 1 (208) 587-7960, or emailing: Sales@intheditch.com.

Affected Serial Numbers & Date Ranges:

ITD1778 XL-SD(Set# ITD2778)
• XL-SD X-Series™ Dollies (Powder Coated Finish)
• Serial Numbers 900052 – 900159
• Produced between 3-18-2019 & 4-24-2019

ITD1778 XL-SD-P(Set# ITD2778-P)
• XL-SD X-Series™ Dollies (Plated Finish)
• Serial Numbers 900154 – 900243
• Produced between 4-22-2019 & 6-13-2019

ITD1878 SLX-SD(Set# ITD2878)
• SLX-SD X-Series™ Dollies (Powder Coated Finish)
• Serial Numbers 700218 – 700750
• Produced between 3-18-2019 & 4-24-2019

ITD1878 SLX-SD-P(Set# ITD2878-P)
• SLX-SD X-Series™ Dollies (Plated Finish)
• Serial Numbers 700658 – 701037
• Produced between 4-22-2019 & 6-13-2019

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