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insightLPR Launches Agent-Focused Platform For Auto Repossession Industry

Fort Worth, Texas, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — insightLPR – a technology company providing proprietary license plate recognition (LPR) software, hardware and data products to help companies and communities increase their value and safety – announces its plan to expand its services to support recovery agents serving the automotive industry. In conjunction with this move, the company has made impactful additions to its management team.

insightLPR has built its reputation deploying LPR fixed and mobile camera solutions for a myriad of private and public entities, including law enforcement, parking enforcement, international airports, and residential communities. The company is introducing a unique business model and LPR strategy to the auto repossession industry that ensures recovery agents have more control over the LPR data they collect, enabling them to complete quicker repossessions, increase recovery rates, and add value to their businesses.

Leading the team is President John Nethery, who brings more than 25 years of experience to the company building partnerships and delivering growth. Prior to insightLPR, Nethery served as chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Digital Recognition Network, Inc. (DRN), where he was instrumental in growing the company from the startup stage to a successful acquisition by Motorola Solutions, Inc.

“There are tremendous opportunities ahead and I’m looking forward to leading insightLPR in its next stage of growth,” said Nethery. “We have an outstanding team and a talented organization of professionals, and I am confident that we will set the standards for excellence and drive innovation in the industry for our partners.”

Joining insightLPR as chief product officer is Oscar Nunez. Nunez is an accomplished product, strategy, and operations leader that brings expertise in data analytics, auto finance, lease programs, repossession operations, and commercial use of LPR technology. Prior to insightLPR, Nunez served as VP of product and new markets for DRN and held senior roles with UBER and Capital One. With a track record of building successful teams and customer facing products, Nunez will lead product strategy and development as well as strategic partnerships.

Stephen Nethery joins insightLPR as the company’s chief revenue officer. Nethery has built his career cultivating relationships and leading sales for large organizations. Prior to insightLPR, Nethery served as SVP of business development for DRN and held business development roles with Lockheed Martin and various other companies. Nethery has a track record of communicating with customers to understand their needs and equip them with the right products and services. In his new role, Nethery will assist with insightLPR’s entrance into the auto repossession industry and lead its expansion within the commercial and residential real estate business verticals.

Serving the team as chief data officer is Eric Balsa. Balsa is an accomplished software engineer and technologist with expertise in repossession case management, LPR, and software as a service delivery. Prior to insightLPR, Balsa served as VP of engineering for DRN, where he managed day-to-day technology operations for the entire DRN technology stack. Before DRN, Balsa was an original owner and the technology architect of RDN, leading up to the OPENLANE acquisition in 2010. In both instances, Balsa helped usher in the transactions by leading technical due diligence, eventual integration, and technology vision post-acquisition. Balsa also served as senior software engineer at Yahoo! and has held various IT and technology roles over the course of his career.

Jon Armstrong closes out insightLPR’s management additions as the company’s VP of vendor management. Armstrong has over 18 years of leadership experience in customer service, business process improvement, strategic planning, and operations management. Prior to joining insightLPR, Armstrong served as the director of operations for Indiana Recovery Services and played an instrumental role on the senior leadership team at PAR North America, where he served as the senior recovery services manager for seven years. Armstrong’s expertise, leadership, and knowledge of the repossession industry position him to lead the development of insightLPR’s recovery agent network.

“We are in active discussions with multiple participants in the repossession industry and the feedback we have received in response to our model has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Nethery. “The insightLPR team will be attending the North American Repossessors Summit June 21 – 22 in Denver, Colorado, and we look forward to officially releasing our solution to the auto repossession industry.”

For more information on insightLPR’s model and strategy for the auto repossession industry, please visit insightlpr.com.

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insightLPR is devoted to providing law enforcement agencies, commercial real estate owners, homeowners, and automotive finance companies with the promise of security and value through cutting-edge technology solutions. With real-time alerts and searchable LPR data, along with a longer read range and higher vehicle speed capture than the leading competitors, customers can have confidence that they are receiving the best service with the best security and value. For more information, visit insightlpr.com.

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