November 30, 2023

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A mother’s frightening ordeal left Orlando police investigating how men repossessed her car on Tuesday with her baby inside.

The baby was taken around 4 p.m. from Early Education Station on Mercy Drive in Orlando and found at Xpress Finance North John Young Parkway, police said.

“It’s amazing for me to hear it — for her to just get taken like that,” said Antoinette Jordan as she held her 9-month-old baby, Chelsea.

The young mom of four ran into the day care for a few minutes and came out to find her baby gone.

Wanda Barkley, director of Early Education Station, watched two suspicious men from her day care office pointing at Jordan’s car.

“I know all of my parents and I didn’t recognize them, so I immediately came out of my office to see what their business was here,” said Barkley.

Seconds later, the car was gone, and so was Chelsea.

The day care went on lockdown and Barkley called 911, fearing the little girl had been abducted.

After a terrifying hour, Orlando police found the baby girl at Xpress Finance after being taken by repo men who apparently never saw the little girl strapped in the backseat.

“Obviously, you’re trying to get your property, but make sure you look before. Check your inventory before you take somebody’s baby,” said Jordan.

The owner of the repossession company, John Rose, told police his driver didn’t notice the baby until he got to the lot at 3737 N John Young Parkway, about two miles away from the day care.

According to police, the car seat was directly behind the driver’s seat, and the driver told police the child did not make a sound while he was driving.

The repo driver was not charged with a crime.

For Jordan, she said it’s a reminder what matters most.

“As bad as I need the car with four kids, in my situation, I’d rather walk than deal with that scare,” Jordan said.

According to the police report, Jordan was reported to the Florida Department of Children and Families for leaving her child in the car.


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