December 1, 2023

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Hurricane Ida Relief Supplies Leave Houston Saturday

We have just heard about some friends of Repo Buzz who are gathering, purchasing and collecting emergency relief supplies in Houston this week and will be heading out early this Saturday, September 4, 2021, and drive directly to some of the hardest hit areas that were devastated by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana.

Corey and Bryanna Cox, with Asset Resolutions, are spending their Labor Day weekend to deliver these much needed items. Some may remember that the Cox’s suffered a catastrophic loss of their home in Houston to Hurricane Harvey several years ago. The Cox’s, along with New Orleans native and Katrina survivor, Teresa Underwood, will be purchasing items all this week in bulk at their local Costco using this simple guide:

Non perishables are always great! But keep in mind that pop tops are better than items that need a can opener, and can openers are often overlooked.
-oil is almost never donated but needed to make many non perishable items. Please don’t donate boxed Mac and cheese because butter and milk will be hard to come by
-boxed milk is a treasure.
-baby wipes and diapers but wipes aren’t just for babies. Some people have no running water and these a great for cleaning up
-feminine products and personal hygiene items are always needed
-toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, rubber boots, clean shirts and underwear are blessings
-cleaning supplies are critical
– even old generators that may need some repair are incredibly generous. These folks may be without power for weeks
-toys, games, puzzles, coloring books/crayons, stuffed animals. Some kids lost everything and will have no tv or video games to keep them busy or comforted.
– tools. Shovels, hammers, buckets, contractor trash bags, latex gloves, work gloves. These people will be digging themselves out and doing remediation for the weeks to come.
-Baby food, formula, pacifiers, bottles.
-Flooded houses will need LOTS of bleach and/or antimicrobial spray to use to prevent mold, and of course other cleaning products will be badly needed as mentioned.
-Trash bags, paper towels, plastic gloves, and face masks are super important.
-Laundry detergent to clean wet clothes and blankets, etc.
-Paper plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups are needed too. Some people have no water to clean dishes.

There will be two drop off points located in Houston.  One in NW Houston and one in NE Houston. To find out exact drop off locations, please email:

If you are interested in donating $5, $10 or $20 to assist in purchasing much needed supplies, please generously use one of the following links:

PayPal: @bryannacox
Venmo: @Corey-Cox-18
Cashapp: $Corjayo
Zelle: 480-203-8630
Apple Pay: 480-203-8630
Our hearts go out to all of those who were affected by this huge storm and we proudly support the efforts being put forth by the Cox’s. If you are able, please join them.
Dave Branch
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