November 30, 2023

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Pitt. RO Arrested After Stealing Unit Off Lot

A man has been arrested after trying to take back his repossessed car in McKeesport Friday afternoon.

Employees at American Recovery on Lysle Boulevard say a man climbed the fence to get onto the property and take back the car.

After he was on the property, they say he got into the car and pulled out an employee who was trying to put it in the garage.

Melanie Pierce says the man “threw me on the ground when I was trying to keep him from taking his car.” She was in the driver’s seat at the time and said, “I was trying to put his car in the garage so that he couldn’t take it.”

Employees say the man drove off and was later caught by police in White Oak. Video of the arrest was taken right outside Founders’ Hall Middle School.

In the video, police cruisers surround the man in the repossessed car. He then tries to run away up the school’s hill with police chasing after him. They eventually caught up with him and took him into custody.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 is still waiting to hear from police about this incident.

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