November 30, 2023

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Pro Skip Tricks From Niki At Delvepoint

By Niki McKinnell Marler, Delvepoint

It can be a pain to find fast-moving targets trying to stay off the grid and out of your sight. Here are some tips to help you spend less time searching, more time recovering assets:


Advanced Person Searches

I usually tell people to start with this search. It’s where you’ll find the best contact information, including addresses, as well as names of relatives and household matches. You can even use partial information you may already have to more accurately pinpoint where they are currently located.


Utilities Search

Do you know their previous address, but need their current location? The Utilities Search just needs their name and any known address to see where their utilities are connected now. Data includes everything from electric and cable companies to Internet and phone providers.


Sometimes your target may not have utilities in their name, but here’s a trick: All of our person searches include relatives, where you can find the name of their significant other. In some cases, running your subject’s significant other is just as important as running your subject. Try the significant other’s name in the Utilities Search to find where your target’s utilities could be billed.


People at Work Search

This search hack is a big one and goes against the typical searching methodology. When searching for place of employment data, search by name, city and state – NOT social security number or date of birth. This way you get official AND self-reported data, like job information from LinkedIn and other sources.


Motor Vehicle Search

This search returns ownership information, VIN numbers, plate numbers and more, but keep in mind there are two different ways to access motor vehicle data. Be sure you choose the one that best fits your case:

  • The Real-Time Motor Vehicle Search only gives you current registration information.
  • The Motor Vehicle Search shows you both current and historical vehicle registrations.


Whether your state is open or opening (hopefully) soon, now is the perfect time to try out new searches. If you have any trouble at all or need help with a case, our data experts are ready to assist. Give us a shout on our online live chat, email us at, or call us at (866) 945-1667


Want to give Delvepoint a try? RepoBuzz members have a special promo code! Just put REPOBUZZ2020 in the application and we’ll give you 100 search credits for a free two-week trial. Visit to get started. (Offer for qualified new and returning customers only)


Niki can be reached at For more information about Delvepoint, visit or call (866) 945-1667.

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