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Santander/Chrysler Capital Keys:
Going forward you are authorized to cut a key up to $500 without approval. Fully functional keys are needed on every vehicle regardless if personal property can be inventoried or not. Do not delay transport on vehicles where you are able to inventory pp but the key hasn’t been cut. Again, you are authorized to cut a key up to $500 without approval. I would strongly encourage you to use your discretion and not overcharge when invoicing for keys. Excessive overcharging for keys could result in termination from Santander/Chrysler Capital accounts as Santander is closely monitoring key cost.
Please make sure the key receipt is uploaded to the account prior to submitting an invoice. Key fees will be denied if a receipt is not uploaded prior to invoice review. Keys in excess of $500.00 will need approval before being cut. To avoid unnecessary delays, please call us within 48hrs of repossession for approval.
Key Fee receipt must include the following (attached is a template for your use):
– Cannot be handwritten
– Must include agency name
– Must include agency address
– Must include agency phone number
– Must include customer’s full name
– Must include full VIN
– Must include key type
– Must include total amount for key cut
Santander Personal Property Release:
As a reminder, please make sure you are uploading a personal property list along with a signed personal property redemption list in RDN on all Santander assignments. Failure to do so could result in the loss of the $25 pp fee.
Your partnership is very much appreciated and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Vendor Relations department at (317-705-4982).
John Sibbitt
Director of Recovery Services
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