May 21, 2024

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Florida Snatch Truck Used In Trooper Shooting (Video)

After a shootout in Wesley Chapel, a man was killed and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper was hurt, according to the authorities.

Around six in the morning, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office first announced the information. m. , declaring that it was supporting the investigation into a shooting involving an FHP trooper.
Surveyors discover the remains of a New Port Richey woman who has been missing since 2021.

According to a FHP press release, at around 3:15 a.m., a trooper was patrolling I-75. m. when he saw two men who appeared to be stealing either a pickup truck or some of the contents of the truck.

According to the press release, the two men tried to escape the trooper to the north in their own truck and fired shots at him that hit a tanker truck.

The two men changed lanes and took I-75 back south when they reached SR-50. Thereafter, two more troopers joined the pursuit.

The suspects left the interstate, and one trooper successfully executed a PIT maneuver to stop them, according to the FHP, who claimed that the pursuit came to an end at Overpass Road.

The two men allegedly attempted to flee into the woods, but while one man turned himself in, the other pulled a gun and engaged one trooper in a shootout.

The trooper was wounded in the torso by a bullet, but he lived. According to the FHP, the suspect was shot and killed.

After being transported to a hospital, the hurt trooper was stabilized.

The shooting is being looked into by both local and state law enforcement in Florida.

In addition to being hospitalized, the suspect who turned himself in is currently facing charges.

Saturday morning, both lanes of the Overpass Road exit were reopened by the afternoon after being closed for several hours.

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